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Betting on sports

Over/Under odds system

Bookmakers have many tools to create sports filled with excitement. Betting on over or under a certain number of certain bets is one of the most popular bets that bookmakers have introduced. This bet is called over/under betting.
This article will give you a broad and good introduction to over/under betting, as well as a guide on how to use it in practice to make a profit on the odds.

What is an over/under bet?

Over/under betting was introduced primarily for the purpose of betting on the number of goals scored in a given match.
Typically,  bookmakers offer odds of less or more than 2.5 goals. However, you can also find betting sites that manage to apply over/under betting to anything that offers this in the world of sports. These also offer quite reasonable odds bonuses when you create an account.
Therefore, today you can place your bets on several fields within sports, for example corner kicks, who will get a red or yellow card, off-sides, throw-ins and much more.

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How does an over/under bet work?

The odds on an over/under bet are also called a two-way bet. This means that the bet has two possible outcomes, and with a 50% chance of winning, there’s a good chance that your bet will go home.
In contrast, with two-way bets we don’t operate with very big odds either, and therefore your winnings won’t be very big. If you want to score the bigger winnings, we therefore recommend that you play your over/under bets in combination or system bets, for example, where you can make a ticket with 2 or more matches.
We also always recommend that you do a good background check and take a critical look at previous matches and scores between teams before you start betting.

Example of over/under bets

By way of example, let’s take a closer look at the Spanish Primera Division.
If we take a look at the two big Spanish teams FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, we will see that both teams manage to score a lot of goals. More precisely, we can see that both teams have scored at least 3 goals in almost all of their last 10 matches, and therefore a bet of over 2.5 would be a relatively safe bet.
By looking at the statistics you can also get an idea of how many red/yellow cards the teams typically get, and this way you can find inspiration for your over/under bets.
On our odds coupon we have chosen to focus on the previously mentioned football teams, namely FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. Here we can see that a previous match between FC Barcelona and Athletico Bilbao ended 2-1.
We can also see that Barcelona typically score the most goals at home, and therefore we dare to bet over 2.5.
Real Madrid generally score a lot of goals, plus they have Ronaldo in the team, who is one of the highest scoring players.
Even though this is a match drawn against the local rivals from Atletico Madrid, we also consider it a good bet to bet on over 2.5 goals. Even though we have a low risk, our over/under bet still gives us a reasonable overall odds of 2.56. We therefore run a slightly higher risk, but we also get better odds in the race!

Which sport is best suited to the over/under odds system?

Typically, over/under bets are used on the number of goals in football matches, and often stick to over/under 2.5 goals.
However, you may also come across over/under bets on several other sports, such as tennis and basketball.
Can I make money on over/under odds strategy?
A short and precise answer would be YES. However, keep in mind that your winnings on over/under bets are typically not very large, as your odds on these two-way bets are usually low.
Therefore, we recommend that you, for example, combine your over/under bets with other bets, thus placing multiple matches on one odds coupon.
If you have a really good knowledge of a particular league, you also have a good chance of better predicting the number of goals in a match.